Fantasy football draft assistant

Brant Tedeschi Jul 27th 4:42 PM EDT. Edited 4:43 PM.

FantasySP has just launched our 2017 fantasy football draft assistant that we call the Draft Genius.

The Draft Genius is the ultimate drafting tool to use during your next fantasy football draft. We now support Yahoo, ESPN,, and CBSSports fantasy leagues and will automatically grab league scoring settings during league import.

Need Advice for your fantasy team? Try the Fantasy Assistant.

The Draft Genius works by analyzing drafting patterns from hundreds of competitive fantasy leagues. We collect this data and come up with our very own Average Draft Position that experts use, rather than the average fantasy league.

During the draft, we make draft suggestions incredibly easy and recommend up to 10 players to choose from. You can also sort by specific categories such as passing yards or rushing attempts to help narrow down your drafting choices.

As with every drafting tool, we also provide a Draft Cheatsheet to help you narrow down your favorites.

So what are you waiting for? Give the Draft Genius a try now!