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Today's Top 10 Best Teams

#Name# PlayersBreakdownRating
1Team 41785850Chris Kunitz,Jaromir Jagr...244.53
2Team 42703348Charles Hudon,Jake Guentz...231.07
3Will Nye The Scoring Guy27Vladislav Kamenev,Brooks ...150.34
4Team 44604719Jason Pominville,Mikko Ko...115.34
5Team 44604419Benoit Pouliot,Kris Russe...98.59
6Team 44599720Andrei Markov,Tomas Pleka...98.04
7Team 44603220Antoine Vermette,Ryan Kes...96.27
8Team 44578220Chris Thorburn,Dustin Byf...92.73
919Artturi Lehkonen,Bryan Ru...62.94
1019Alexander Radulov,Bryan R...55.63