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Today's Top 10 Best Teams

#Name# PlayersBreakdownRating
1Team 29136552Chris Paul,Rajon Rondo,Ky...1180.57
2Team 26798652Kyle Korver,Chris Paul,Mo...1152.38
3Team 41127750Avery Bradley,Chris Paul,...1059.69
4Team 7191252Andre Iguodala,Arron Affl...930.39
5Team 25341751Kobe Bryant,Tony Parker,D...908.37
6Trump's team America51Buddy Hield,C.J. McCollum...826.12
7Team 25806644Monta Ellis,J.J. Redick,M...714.97
8Team 12638827Chris Paul,Kyle Lowry,Rus...632.47
9Brodie SZN26Avery Bradley,Bradley Bea...537.27
10Team 43471717DeMar DeRozan,Isaiah Thom...513.67