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Today's Top 10 Best Teams

#Name# PlayersBreakdownRating
1Team 44063751Buster Posey,Gary Sanchez...520.61
2Team 45093751Buster Posey,Anthony Rizz...458.57
3ONCORHYNCHUS SALMO43Yasmani Grandal,Anthony R...380.45
4HOMETOWN LEGENDS26Buster Posey,Wilson Ramos...336.92
5THE COCO CRISPIES32Brian McCann,Gary Sanchez...327.58
6SANDLOT UNTOUCHABLES29Alex Avila,Russell Martin...314.50
7TEAM COLE26Buster Posey,Gary Sanchez...313.84
8SANDLOT UNTOUCHABLES29Alex Avila,Russell Martin...313.50
9SANDLOT BEASTS27Alex Avila,Jonathan Lucro...306.23
10SANDLOT UNTOUCHABLES28Alex Avila,Russell Martin...304.96