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Today's Top 10 Best Teams

#Name# PlayersBreakdownRating
1Team 45593651Tom Brady,Drew Brees,Aaro...782.30
2Team 35481251Aaron Rodgers,Andrew Luck...647.56
3Team 21904851Aaron Rodgers,Andrew Luck...494.48
4Team 45423244Aaron Rodgers,Andrew Luck...482.45
5Team 54025118Alex Smith,Cam Newton,Car...330.98
6Team 45129433Adam Vinatieri,Andrew Fra...254.29
7Team 45651815Matt Ryan,Russell Wilson,...231.87
8GREATEST OF ALL-TIME16Drew Brees,Cam Newton,Lam...224.47
9Team 45780219Carson Wentz,Derek Carr,M...218.59
10Guida's Flying Circus14Tom Brady,Doug Martin,Duk...198.62