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The Story Behind FantasySP

FantasySP is a fantasy sports site born out of necessity for my own fantasy sports needs back in 2007. I was in college, studying to get my degree in history and in my spare time would build FantasySP. The original idea was simple: to figure out a better way to get the news about your players faster than opponents in my league.

I had no idea what FantasySP would be or if it was even worth building at the time but I knew I would use it for my own needs. If others decided to use it too that would be great, but I never thought it would turn it into a business.

From that basic idea grew a ton of other ideas and features over the years. Along the way came a community of loyal fans, many of which have been with us since the very beginning.

Today we have a wide set of features, offering users multiple tools and services to help manage their fantasy teams. We can take you all the way from draft season up until the final week of your fantasy season.

The People Behind FantasySP

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Brant Tedeschi

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. FantasySP is my onetime side-project turned full-time gig. It combines my passions of sports and technology. My ultimate goal is to make a dent in the industry with hard-work, determination, and a bit of luck. Still waiting on the luck part.

Lesley Tedeschi

Lesley helps keep FantasySP running smoothly, keeps me sane, and is often the person answering support tickets. She is also a major sports fan and enjoys fantasy sports as much as anyone else.

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