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What is FantasySP?


FantasySP is is not your average fantasy sports site. I was tired of the lack of innovation in the industry. I knew their had to be a better way to get your news, and faster.

FantasySP is meant to be the swiss-army knife of fantasy sports. It offers you a way to manage multiple fantasy leagues and players, receive real-time player trend alerts, keep track of league transactions, and even recommend waiver wire pickups based on each synced league.

The People Behind FantasySP

Brant Tedeschi

I am a web developer and entrepreneur. FantasySP is my onetime side-project turned full-time gig. It combines my passions of sports and technology. My ultimate goal is to make a dent in the industry with hard-work, determination, and a bit of luck. Still waiting on the luck part.

Special Thanks


This site may have never happened if it weren't for Erik Berg's hard work by providing boxscore data for free. Also, to Ryan Ahlfors for sometimes being there during the early days.