Try the MLB Start/Sit Tool

Sync your fantasy league to utilize FantasySP to it's fullest potential. League Syncing is available for Yahoo!, ESPN, CBSSports, Foxsports,,, and Fleaflicker.

League rosters are updated daily and any players that are added/removed from your fantasy teams are also added or removed from your player tracking.

Plus, while your scouting for players here, we can easily show you which leagues he's available in, and provide a direct link to pick him up.

Now that you have a basic understanding of League Syncing, lets tackle some common questions with examples of it in action:

  1. Player availability icons
  2. Favorite leagues
  3. How to sync a fantasy league
  4. How to delete a synced league
  5. How often does my league get updated?
  6. What happens to players already added to tracking?
  7. Enhancements to "My News"
  8. How many leagues can I sync?
  9. More information on player tracking
  10. Fantasy League Breakdowns
  11. My league isn't supported!
  12. Do I need to provide my login and password?