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Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

Take a look at the latest fantasy trends in the past two days. The buzz column showcases how much each player is talked about with an arrow indicating if it has risen or dropped since yesterday. Yesterday's buzz total is in parenthesis.

NFL Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

1Adam JonesAdam Jones up45.45 (0)
2Dez BryantDez Bryant up38.96 (0)
3Michael CampanaroMichael Campanaro up38.96 (0)
4Ezekiel ElliottEzekiel Elliott up32.47 (6.67)
5Griff WhalenGriff Whalen up32.47 (0)
6Anquan BoldinAnquan Boldin up32.47 (3.33)
7Dak PrescottDak Prescott up25.97 (10)
8Marcus MariotaMarcus Mariota up25.97 (0)
9Denard RobinsonDenard Robinson up25.97 (0)
10Deone BucannonDeone Bucannon up25.97 (0)
11Calvin JohnsonCalvin Johnson up19.48 (3.33)
12Jimmy GaroppoloJimmy Garoppolo up19.48 (10)
13Eric SmithEric Smith up19.48 (0)
14Mike PounceyMike Pouncey up19.48 (0)
15Rob KelleyRob Kelley up12.99 (3.33)
16Jarius WrightJarius Wright up12.99 (3.33)
17B.J. DanielsB.J. Daniels up12.99 (0)
18Jermaine EluemunorJermaine Eluemunor up12.99 (0)
19Will TyeWill Tye up12.99 (0)
20Trai TurnerTrai Turner down12.99 (20)
21Ronnie HillmanRonnie Hillman up12.99 (0)
22Jamal AdamsJamal Adams down12.99 (13.33)
23Caleb KidderCaleb Kidder up12.99 (0)
24Dwayne HarrisDwayne Harris up12.99 (0)
25Malik JacksonMalik Jackson up12.99 (0)