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Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

Take a look at the latest fantasy trends in the past two days. The buzz column showcases how much each player is talked about with an arrow indicating if it has risen or dropped since yesterday. Yesterday's buzz total is in parenthesis.

NFL Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

1Blake BortlesBlake Bortles up183.1 (14.22)
2Brandon BoldenBrandon Bolden up84.51 (0)
3Martavis BryantMartavis Bryant up56.34 (23.7)
4Torrey SmithTorrey Smith up42.25 (0)
5Andre RobertsAndre Roberts up28.17 (4.74)
6Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin down28.17 (52.13)
7Kirk CousinsKirk Cousins up28.17 (9.48)
8Garett BollesGarett Bolles up28.17 (0)
9Danny AmendolaDanny Amendola up28.17 (0)
10Lamar MillerLamar Miller up28.17 (0)
11Brandin CooksBrandin Cooks up14.08 (4.74)
12Jarryd HayneJarryd Hayne up14.08 (4.74)
13Josh AllenJosh Allen down14.08 (14.22)
14Cameron JordanCameron Jordan down14.08 (14.22)
15Ndamukong SuhNdamukong Suh up14.08 (0)
16Marcus PetersMarcus Peters down14.08 (56.87)
17Byron JonesByron Jones up14.08 (0)
18Dion SimsDion Sims up14.08 (0)
19Andrew WhitworthAndrew Whitworth up14.08 (0)
20Teddy BridgewaterTeddy Bridgewater up14.08 (0)
21Ezekiel AnsahEzekiel Ansah up14.08 (0)
22Peyton ManningPeyton Manning up14.08 (0)
23Heath FarwellHeath Farwell up14.08 (0)
24Bruce IrvinBruce Irvin up14.08 (4.74)
25Rashaan MelvinRashaan Melvin up14.08 (0)