FantasySP / ALL / Headlineshttps://www.fantasysp.comFantasySP / ALL / HeadlinesCopyright 2018<![CDATA[How to determine if a fantasy football trade is fair]]>A fair trade is when both teams essentially win and both get what they want out of the deal. Sometimes it's hard to figure out a fair trade because it is hard to evaluate player worth. That is where we come in to help evaluate the trade using our fantasy football trade analyzer.

This advice of a fair trade can apply to any fantasy sport, such as fantasy basketball or baseball, and not just fantasy football. It can involve any type of player and not just a star like Antonio Brown.

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<![CDATA[Best Strategy for Drafting a Sleeper Pick in Fantasy Football]]>In a mere 24 days from now the 2018 football season will be in full swing! Opening day is getting closer and closer with each passing minute, and that means fantasy football drafts are starting!

Some leagues have already begun drafting and if that works for players great! Other leagues wait until closer to opening day to draft to make sure all available players are healthy. The next three weeks are going to be crazy full of information coming out of training camps and preseason games. Who will make the final roster, stay healthy, and rise from the bottom to the top?

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<![CDATA[Best Strategy for Drafting a Running Back in 2018 Fantasy Season]]>Draft season is here and running backs will once again be the top players to get drafted first in most leagues. There are so many quality running backs to choose from this year the sky is the limit!

Most fantasy players see the elite running backs taken right off the bat and no one looks back. Before you know it it is round three and the obvious running backs are gone, but fear not with a little extra research you can still grab great backs deeper into the draft. The running backs that go quickly are the guys who can run the ball for tons of yardage, carry for a minimum of 15 times and be a threat to haul in passes.

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<![CDATA[Where Should Carson Wentz Be Drafted for Fantasy Football Team?]]>The news out of Philadelphia right now is that Carson Wentz is still not ready to take the field during the first few preseason games. Some people believe that Wentz could not only miss the preseason but he might miss the first few games of the regular season as well. As of this moment there is no official word from the Eagles camp on what they are planning to do with Wentz.

Obviously the Eagles want their quarterback back at the helm, hurling balls through the air and moving around the field like a gazelle as soon as possible. Wentz himself has stated that he will be ready to go for the start of the season and doesn't see a reason why he would remain sidelined. The Eagles have kept him out of the 11-11 practice field drills this week in order not to push him too fast. Wentz is ready to play, but the Eagles might be holding him out of preseason just to give him a little extra time to heal.

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<![CDATA[Best Strategy for Drafting Wide Receivers in Fantasy Football]]>The 2018 football season starts in exactly 30 days! It is time to get all your football gear ready to wear as you cheer on your team and enjoy every Sunday they way they should be!

This is also a very busy time for fantasy football players to start strategizing for their upcoming draft dates.

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<![CDATA[When is the best date to schedule a fantasy football draft?]]>When it comes to draft season, one of the most important things that you need to figure out as league commissioner is when to schedule the draft. The date of your draft is absolutely critical to make sure you have the latest news at hand.

For example, leading into this season the news about Josh Gordon is all over the place. Will he report to camp? When will he report to camp? And will he even be eligible or face additional roadblocks?

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<![CDATA[Robinson Cano (2B) Waiver Pickup]]>Robinson Cano last played a game back on May 12th due to his broken hand and 80-game suspension. Cano is eligible to be activated on the 14th of August, which is right around the corner.

Upon Cano's return he will become an every day player once again and return to the lineup. What position he will play remains a question. There are rumors that he may see some time at first base and is currently working out at first base.

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<![CDATA[Clay Buchholz (SP) Waiver Wire Pickup for Week 19]]>Clay Buchholz is fresh off the DL and put together a solid game against the Chicago Cubs on July 24th going 6.2 innings with 5 strikeouts, one earned run while picking up his 3rd win on the year.

Buchholz does not have many starts under his belt this year (8) but has performed well with the opportunities he has been given. On the year, he has a 1.79 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, 7.1 K/9 with a 3-1 record. He has not given up more than 2 runs in any start this season.

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<![CDATA[Lourdes Gurriel (2B - SS) Waiver Wire Pickup for Week 19]]>Lourdes Gurriel has blown up the waiver wire thanks to stellar play in the month of July. For the season Gurriel is hitting 312 with 7 home runs, 20 runs batted in, 16 runs scored, and one stolen base for the Toronto Blue Jays in just 37 games.

The Blue Jays manager spoke about his two-homer game on July 27th. "He's obviously on a pretty nice roll," manager John Gibbons said. "He's doing a lot of good things. It was just a good night for our offense, and I thought Stro's stuff was really good tonight."

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<![CDATA[Ervin Santana To Return Wednesday]]>The Minnesota Twins are excited to welcome back right-hander Ervin Santana on Wednesday.

This will be the first time Santana has been available to play this season, after undergoing surgery to remove calcium deposits from his right middle finger. Santana was originally hoping to return to the field in May, but suffered several setbacks during his recovery. His first issue was not being able to grip the ball, followed by having trouble throwing his slider, and if those weren't enough his velocity was lacking too. So needless to say his road back was rough and took longer than expected.

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<![CDATA[Is Andrew Luck safe to draft in 2018?]]>The news just broke that Andrew Luck has been cleared to fully participate in training camp with the Indianapolis Colts. Colts fans are probably relieved that their guy is finally back and the quarterback drama is over.

But what does this mean for fantasy owners? Is Andrew Luck safe to draft as your quarterback? We are early into draft season for 2018, but as it stands today Luck has an ADP of 129. This puts Luck at roughly the 19th quarterback in most leagues.

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<![CDATA[Jesse Winker Strong Pick-up]]>The fantasy baseball season is well underway at this point, and there's still plenty of time left to turn your team around if you need to!

Outfielder Jesse Winker of the Cincinnati Reds' is proving to be a very hot pick-up and a must start. Winker had a slow start to his rookie season, but has picked things up at the plate recently. Over the course of his last 20 games he has gone 23-for-55 with four home runs and 20 RBIs. This is definitely a player to add to your team for the next half of the season!

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<![CDATA[DeMarco Murray Announces Retirement]]>After playing seven seasons in the NFL, running back DeMarco Murray has officially retired today.

Murray did not have the strongest season in 2017 with the Titans, and the team released him back in March. He was the lead back for both seasons he played there, but unfortunately this past season he just couldn't get things going. It was his lowest career year for yards rushing and carrying, and he didn't break 1,000 yards for the season.

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<![CDATA[Adalberto Mondesi offers deep league help]]>Adalberto Mondesi went from unheard amongst pretty much anyone to a slightly wider range including some fantasy baseball team owners. Mondesi had a breakout game last night and is worth taking a look at.

Last night Mondesi had two hits, one home run, one run scored, one stolen base, and 4 runs batted in against the Minnesota Twins. A great statline for even MIke Trout.

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<![CDATA[Andrew Suarez's fantasy value]]>San Francisco Giants rookie Andrew Suarez has quietly put together a solid case for himself as a top waiver claim.

The past 5 starts for Suarez have been great and brought his ERA down from 5.06 to just under 4 at 3.92. Meanwhile his WHIP has been fairly consistent during this stretch hovering around the 1.25 to 1.28 range.

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