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Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

Take a look at the latest fantasy trends in the past two days. The buzz column showcases how much each player is talked about with an arrow indicating if it has risen or dropped since yesterday. Yesterday's buzz total is in parenthesis.

NBA Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

1LeBron JamesLeBron James up53.16 (14.53)
2Joakim NoahJoakim Noah up35.44 (14.53)
3Devin BookerDevin Booker up35.44 (18.9)
4Ryan AndersonRyan Anderson up22.78 (7.27)
5Derrick RoseDerrick Rose up17.72 (4.36)
6Lance ThomasLance Thomas up15.19 (5.81)
7DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins up12.66 (1.45)
8Jahlil OkaforJahlil Okafor up12.66 (5.81)
9Rudy GobertRudy Gobert up12.66 (1.45)
10Hassan WhitesideHassan Whiteside up12.66 (1.45)
11Jamal CrawfordJamal Crawford up12.66 (0)
12Gordon HaywardGordon Hayward up12.66 (0)
13Kyle AndersonKyle Anderson up12.66 (0)
14Serge IbakaSerge Ibaka up12.66 (0)
15Jae CrowderJae Crowder up10.13 (5.81)
16Avery BradleyAvery Bradley up10.13 (8.72)
17Isaiah ThomasIsaiah Thomas up10.13 (7.27)
18Brandon IngramBrandon Ingram up10.13 (7.27)
19Ricky RubioRicky Rubio up10.13 (2.91)
20John WallJohn Wall down10.13 (10.17)
21Paul MillsapPaul Millsap up10.13 (1.45)
22Bojan BogdanovicBojan Bogdanovic up10.13 (1.45)
23Rondae Hollis-JeffersonRondae Hollis-Jefferson up10.13 (2.91)
24T.J. WarrenT.J. Warren up10.13 (2.91)
25Robin LopezRobin Lopez up7.59 (4.36)