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Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

Take a look at the latest fantasy trends in the past two days. The buzz column showcases how much each player is talked about with an arrow indicating if it has risen or dropped since yesterday. Yesterday's buzz total is in parenthesis.

CFB Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

1Janarion GrantJanarion Grant up65.22 (0)
2Pat MahomesPat Mahomes up43.48 (13.51)
3Christian McCaffreyChristian McCaffrey up43.48 (0)
4DeShone KizerDeShone Kizer up43.48 (0)
5Josh DobbsJosh Dobbs up21.74 (0)
6David NjokuDavid Njoku up21.74 (13.51)
7Nathan PetermanNathan Peterman up21.74 (0)
8Julie'n DavenportJulie'n Davenport up21.74 (0)
9Jeremy CutrerJeremy Cutrer up21.74 (0)
10Giovanni RescignoGiovanni Rescigno up21.74 (0)
11Jawuan HarrisJawuan Harris up21.74 (0)
12Jonathan AllenJonathan Allen up21.74 (0)
13T.J. LoganT.J. Logan up21.74 (0)
14Joe MixonJoe Mixon up21.74 (13.51)
15Avery GennesyAvery Gennesy up21.74 (0)
16Parker McLeodParker McLeod up21.74 (0)
17Fabian MoreauFabian Moreau up21.74 (0)
18Dalvin CookDalvin Cook up21.74 (0)
19Obi MelifonwuObi Melifonwu up21.74 (13.51)
20Gavin BryantGavin Bryant up21.74 (0)
21Gaelin ElmoreGaelin Elmore up21.74 (0)
22Isaiah WashingtonIsaiah Washington up21.74 (0)
23Trenton ThompsonTrenton Thompson up21.74 (0)
24Nate GerryNate Gerry up21.74 (0)
25Jerry UgokweJerry Ugokwe up21.74 (0)