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Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

Take a look at the latest fantasy trends in the past two days. The buzz column showcases how much each player is talked about with an arrow indicating if it has risen or dropped since yesterday. Yesterday's buzz total is in parenthesis.

CFB Fantasy Spotlight Top 25

1Dalvin CookDalvin Cook up60.61 (0)
2Forrest LampForrest Lamp up60.61 (0)
3Jabrill PeppersJabrill Peppers up60.61 (0)
4Danny EtlingDanny Etling up60.61 (0)
5Marcel WilliamsMarcel Williams up30.3 (0)
6JuJu Smith-SchusterJuJu Smith-Schuster up30.3 (0)
7Chris GodwinChris Godwin up30.3 (0)
8Chidobe AwuzieChidobe Awuzie up30.3 (0)
9Mitchell TrubiskyMitchell Trubisky up30.3 (0)
10Reuben FosterReuben Foster up30.3 (0)
11Keon HatcherKeon Hatcher up30.3 (0)
12Abram SmithAbram Smith up30.3 (0)
13DeShone KizerDeShone Kizer up30.3 (18.87)
14Thaddeus MossThaddeus Moss up30.3 (18.87)
15Haason ReddickHaason Reddick up30.3 (0)
16Marshon LattimoreMarshon Lattimore up30.3 (0)
17Malik HookerMalik Hooker up30.3 (0)
18Deshaun WatsonDeshaun Watson up30.3 (0)
19D'Antne DemeryD'Antne Demery up30.3 (0)
20Harvey LangiHarvey Langi up30.3 (0)
21Trevor KnightTrevor Knight up30.3 (0)
22Evan EngramEvan Engram up30.3 (0)
23Zay JonesZay Jones up30.3 (0)
24Jeff JamesJeff James up30.3 (0)
25Greg Ward Jr.Greg Ward Jr. up30.3 (0)