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Fantasy 101: Dynasty Football Strategy Guide & Tips

Matt Brandon Feb 14th 7:54 AM EST.

Dynasty Fantasy Football has become an increasingly popular way to play Fantasy Football in recent years, with more and more people jumping into the game. If you’re looking to dominate your Dynasty Fantasy Football league, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a strategy guide and tips to help you make the most of your Fantasy Football season. With the right strategy and guidance, you can take your Fantasy Football game to the next level and become the envy of your league!

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What is Dynasty Football

Dynasty Fantasy Football is a form of fantasy football that focuses on long-term success by building a team’s core players for years to come. Instead of the traditional one-year fantasy football league, dynasty fantasy football requires each team to build and maintain a roster through multiple years. This type of fantasy football allows owners to build a team by drafting, trading and managing their rosters.

Unlike traditional one-year fantasy football leagues, dynasty fantasy football allows owners to retain most or all of their players from year to year. This means you don’t have to start from scratch each season; instead, you can retain your core players and use them to build upon in future seasons. However, that means that most roster-worthy players are not in the player pool by the time your league drafts so most fantasy managers focus on drafting rookies. Dynasty drafts tend to be much shorter than redraft leagues due to the number of players available. Although a fantasy owner isn't going to get a veteran like Davante Adams in the draft, there is a plethora of rookie talent every season. Just last year in 2022, Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker, Brian Robinson Jr., James Cook, and Dameon Pierce were some of the top running backs drafted in dynasty leagues. Meanwhile, Chris Olave, Drake London, Christian Watson, Treylon Burks, and George Pickens were some of the earliest selections at the wide receiver position. All of those rookies are poised to have great careers and will contribute significantly to any fantasy team they were drafted by.

Dynasty Rules

When it comes to Dynasty Football, understanding the rules of the game is essential. Dynasty Football is a long-term fantasy football format where owners take part in a live draft and build their team for years to come.

At the beginning of each season, teams hold a live draft to select players. During the draft, each team builds its own roster from the pool of available players. After the draft is completed, teams can make trades with other teams throughout the season and add players to their team through waivers or free agency.

Each team's roster should be made up of a mix of starters, backups, and prospects. This mix of players should be tailored to the team's strategy. It is important to plan and make sure your team has enough talent to compete in both the short and long term.

When it comes to drafting players, Dynasty strategy is critical. Researching average draft positions, keeping up to date on rookies, and watching out for injured players are all critical components of an effective Dynasty Draft Strategy. Also, it is important to remember that trading can be just as important as drafting when it comes to building a successful team. Don't be afraid to trade a veteran with only a year or two left in his career for a second-round draft pick.

Overall, having a comprehensive understanding of the rules of Dynasty Football is essential for any owner looking to dominate their league. Following these tips and strategies will help ensure that you have the best chance of winning your league.

Dynasty Draft Strategies

If you're playing Dynasty Fantasy Football, you'll need to pay special attention to your draft strategy. With Dynasty Football, you don't just need to think about who will help you win this year, but who can give you long-term value for years to come. Here are some Dynasty tips and strategies to consider when drafting players:

1. Identify your team’s core players. These are the players that will form the backbone of your team. Look for young players who have high ceilings and can contribute to your team for years to come.

2. Focus on young talent. Since you want to build for the future, look for young players with potential rather than established veterans. They may not be as reliable in the short term, but they’ll give you long-term benefits.

3. Have a plan for each round. Make sure you know what positions and players you’re targeting before your draft begins. This will help keep you focused and make sure you don’t miss out on key opportunities.

4. Don’t forget about depth. You don’t just need stars to win championships - you also need depth and role players who can help fill in the gaps.

5. Keep an eye on the waiver wire. Pay attention to waiver wire pickups throughout the season and be ready to pounce on any potential game-changers who become available. For example, Isiah Pacheco wasn't expected to do much after being selected in the seventh round of the NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. However, after an injury to starter Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Pacheco came on strong. He is now poised to be the starting running back for the most potent offense in the league for years to come.

By following these Dynasty Football tips, you’ll be able to build a strong and competitive roster for years to come. 

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Managing Your Roster

Managing your dynasty roster is an essential component of a successful dynasty fantasy football strategy. There are two popular ways to approach managing your roster: Rebuilding and Winning Now.


If you are looking to build your team for the long-term, a rebuilding strategy is the way to go. Rebuilding is ideal for teams that are starting from scratch or teams that have finished poorly in recent years. With a rebuilding strategy, you focus on acquiring young talent through the draft and trades. You will likely trade away veteran players in exchange for young, upcoming prospects who could be future stars. To supplement this, you may also add veterans who are still in their prime and can contribute right away. For example, if you are rebuilding and know you don't have a shot at the championship in 2023, you may decide to trade Dak Prescott or Deshaun Watson for the younger and more explosive Justin Fields.

Win Now Strategy

If you're looking to compete for a championship this season, you should focus on a win-now strategy. With a win-now strategy, you will want to target veteran players who can contribute immediately and help you compete for a championship but not veterans who are well past their prime such as Kenny Golladay. You may also take risks on younger players who could potentially break out and surprise everyone with their performance. It's important to remember that the win-now strategy is more high risk/high reward as you'll need your young players to perform well for it to pay off.

Regardless of which dynasty football strategy you decide to go with, it's important to stay one step ahead of the competition. With proper planning and strategic moves, you can easily dominate your dynasty league. Make sure to keep an eye on the latest dynasty football tips and strategies to ensure that you're making the right moves when managing your roster.

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