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I've been a fan of sports all my life. Football is always the most exciting time of year, and I am a lifelong Broncos fan. Playing fantasy sports over the last decade has broadened my knowledge to not just my home teams and players, but all teams throughout the league. At the start of any fantasy season, my one goal is total domination!

Waiver Wire Targets Week 14

Lesley Tedeschi Dec 5th 3:03 PM EST.

Welcome to the playoffs! I know some leagues aren't there yet but I am! It has been quite a season and I'm happy to know its not over yet! With a lot of hard work and tools (thanks FantasySP) my team is still chugging along, and holds the honor of most points scored in the regular season with a first round bye! I won't be taking the week off from waivers, must keep moving forward.

This week we are starting with tight end Ian Thomas on the Carolina Panthers. Thomas looks like the only option now that Greg Olsen is on injured reserve, and the Panthers will put him to the test this week. So far in his career he's had 16 catches for 133 yards. He is owned in 7% of leagues and should be easy to grab. We don't expect huge numbers from Thomas but tight end options are limited this deep in the season.


Week 13 Waivers

Lesley Tedeschi Nov 26th 4:50 PM EST.

Tonight is the last game of week 12 and my game is too close to call! Waiting for the last game to be played and needing to take my mind of of things, I'm moving right into week 13! So welcome to everyone reading and here's hoping some of these waivers go your way.

We are so deep into the season, that finding new players at this point is pretty tough, but we keep trying!


Week 10 Free Agent Pickups

Lesley Tedeschi Nov 6th 4:57 PM EST.

Welcome back everyone! Before you read this remember there are only four weeks left before fantasy playoffs! Yes you read that correctly, four weeks left! Now is the time to keep pushing hard towards that trophy!

Finding a fantasy "stud" this deep into the season is tough, but not impossible. I use the word stud lightly, really just hoping for a player who can get me as many points as possible! Read along for this weeks pickups.


Waiver Wire Targets Week 8

Lesley Tedeschi Oct 23rd 4:22 PM EDT.

Hello and welcome back once again! Here's hoping for a great start to week eight! I can hardly believe week eight is here! Let's get right to the potential waiver wire pickups for this week!

Over on the west coast, Jalen Richard should be the hot pick up of the week. Lynch was placed on injured reserve and won't be back until at least Christmas Eve. Richard will be splitting the load of the plays with Lynch out. He is owned in 44% of leagues and being started in 16%. Now is the time to play him.


Wide Receiver Waiver Wire Targets Week 7

Lesley Tedeschi Oct 16th 4:22 PM EDT.

Once again another week of football comes to a close, and already we are on to the next! Week seven is here folks and its time to hit the waiver wire and grab a wide receiver or two.

Jermaine Kearse is a great guy to start with. The New York Jets will be looking to target Kearse heavily now that Quincy Enunwa is out with an ankle injury. During Sunday's game against the Colts, Kearse had 94 yards on the day and completed nine out of ten targets. Excellent numbers from a receiver that is owned in 3% of leagues. There is no official time table on when Enunwa will return, but he will not be taking the field this week. Kearse might well be shouldering the entire load this coming week, if you are in need he is a great grab for a flex position.


Waiver Wire Targets Week 6

Lesley Tedeschi Oct 9th 4:45 PM EDT.

Welcome to the week six waiver wire pickups! Week five is in the books and for those with a winning record so far, congrats! If your in need of some depth or just someone to fill in for a bye week here are some guys worth taking a look at this week.

Wide receivers are pretty slim choices this week.


Who Will Replace Jay Ajayi?

Lesley Tedeschi Oct 9th 4:24 PM EDT.

With the news out that Jay Ajayi will miss the rest of the season due to a torn ACL, the Eagles will be looking to replace him. Will they look to their own backfield or possibly trade for Le'Veon Bell?

As it stands right now Bell is scheduled to report back to the Steelers for week eight, and finally take the field for the first time this season.


Waiver Wire Week 5 Pickups

Lesley Tedeschi Oct 2nd 3:13 PM EDT.

Now that week four is wrapped up, we are full steam ahead into week five! By now you know that hitting the waiver wire and grabbing the best available guys is an absolute must! Fantasy football gets harder each and every year, whether its from injuries, suspensions, or just plain bad luck and staying on top of your team is necessary. Here are this week's top waive wire players to target.

Let's start down south with the Tampa Bay Bucs and Jameis Winston. Winston has officially been named the starter for week five and he is an absolute steal at this point! He is owned in 13% of leagues, so if you need a quarterback look no further. Over the years Winston has had some good games and some down right dreadful ones, he shouldn't be used as your number one. If you are dealing with a bye week this week or next, Winston should be a good fill in. He will put the ball in the air enough times with Evans and Jackson out there to haul it in.


Waiver Wire Targets Week 4

Lesley Tedeschi Sep 25th 1:43 PM EDT.

Welcome to the start of bye weeks! Now is the time to snatch some hot players who are available and will be good enough to fill in for a week. The season goes by so quickly and some fantasy teams are falling apart at this point. Week four is here and its time to see what some new guys have to offer.

Let's just get the hottest pickup of the week out of the way, none other than Baker Mayfield. Mayfield took the field on Thursday night and gave the Cleveland Browns their first win in a very, very long time! Baker looked calm and very tuned in from the moment he was on the field. He threw for 201 yards and completed 17 out of 23 passes, not too shabby! The upside to Mayfield is limitless and you should grab him if you have the chance. He is owned in 13% of leagues and was started in 8%, obviously his start percentage will increase now that he has been named the official start for week four.


6 Wide Receivers to Target for Week 3

Lesley Tedeschi Sep 18th 5:44 PM EDT.

Time to hit the waiver wire again before week three starts on Thursday!

Each passing week in football we see the players on our team get beat up, benched, or flourish in their role. Its tough to know who will do what, but if you are striving to make it through the season, pickups are very important. This week we will look at six wide receivers that might not have flashy names, but have potential to help out your team.




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