Draft Genius, the Fantasy Basketball Draft Tool

Brant Tedeschi Oct 6th 2:49 PM EDT.

Fantasy basketball draft season is in full swing and the start of the season is just weeks away. The excitement is building and the pressure is mounting to draft a solid team.

Did you remember all those moves in the off-season? Probably not, but fear not, we are here to help with the Fantasy Basketball Draft Genius.

The Draft Genius offers a lot of features, but let's first talk about the two main problems that the Draft Genius aim's to solve for your next fantasy basketball draft.

Draft Genius Problem Solving

First, the amount of inconsistent ADP (Average Draft Position) data from site to site. You might be on ESPN, CBSSports, or Yahoo and see different ADPs and you aren't sure which one you should trust. We fix that problem by collecting ADP information from FantasySP users who are in competitive leagues.

Those of you in rotisserie or category based leagues will have ADPs geared towards the format you are playing in. Those of you who still play point based H2H leagues will have their own ADPs as well.

In short, our ADPs are more reliable and more consistent no matter if you draft on CBSSports, ESPN, or Yahoo.

Second, one of the hardest parts during a category based league is knowing what your team will do well in and what your team is weak in across specific categories. We do all of these calculations for every team in real-time during the draft so you know exactly where your team is expected to perform for the categories that your league uses.

During your draft there will be a easy to read and understand Projections section with a range of where your team fits in across every category.

Suggesting Draft Picks

I mentioned earlier about competitive ADPs and want to delve a bit deeper as to what we do with our ADPs and how we suggest draft picks for a snake draft.

At the moment we are talking about "traditional drafts" and not auctions. At the time of writing this we do not support auction leagues, but this will likely change in 2018.

The main goal is to get you the best value for each draft pick no matter where you are in your draft. All picks are sorted by default by "Draft Value". This number will be in RED and easily seen in the picture on the Draft Genius page.

Draft Values can either be positive or negative depending on the player pool remaining and the position of your pick. The higher the draft value, the better the pick. A general rule of thumb is to follow this line of thought until you get into later rounds and need to fill specific positional or category based need.

When that time comes, you also have the ability to sort Pick Suggestions based on a specific category such as blocked shots or a specific position such as Centers.

Go ahead and head over to the Draft Genius and get your team ready for success.



Get ready for opening day.

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