Will Scheib

Busting Common Myths Vol. 1: Tyreek Hill is Just a Gadget Player

Will Scheib Jul 31st 12:54 AM EDT. Edited 12:32 PM.

One of my fondest childhood memories is watching the show MythBusters. On it, 5 expert scientists come together to test common myths such as the spinning bullet myth, the myth that falling on water from a significant height hurts worse than falling on concrete from the same height, and many others for truth.

In the spirit of this show, I am starting a series of pieces testing common fantasy football beliefs for accuracy. Remember, in this series, we don't just tell the myths, we put them to the test!


The Case For Bilal Powell as a Top 15 RB

Will Scheib Feb 28th 10:41 AM EST. Edited 11:37 AM.

Once the Jets’ season was essentially over, when they were 3-9, they decided to give backup running back Bilal Powell more carries. Obviously, they needed to change something, because whatever they were doing wasn’t working.

Powell took this chance and ran with it (Ok, ok, it’s not that funny), running for 411 yards and 2 touchdowns in the last 4 games of the season.