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Sixers' Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons lag behind in NBA Rookie Survey

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Nineteen wins. Eighteen wins. Ten wins. As the 47-199 record mounted over his first three seasons as head coach, the same question arose loss after loss: How does Brett Brown keep the Sixers together? Those who played for Brown during this time could have given generic answers. They simply could have been happy for the chance to play in the NBA and commented on his optimistic demeanor. When Henry Sims told the story about Brown dancing, though, it was clear there was more to their experiences with the coach than just going through the motions of losing basketball. Other players were quick to offer their enthusiastic responses, whether they had been on the Sixers for multiple years or 10-day contracts. 

How Brett Brown got Sixers through 'The Process'

Source | 18 hrs ago.

Nineteen wins. Eighteen wins. Ten wins. As the 47-199 record mounted over his first three seasons as head coach, the same question arose loss after loss: How does Brett Brown keep the Sixers together? Those who played for Brown during this time could have given generic answers. They simply could have been happy for the chance to play in the NBA and commented on his optimistic demeanor. When Henry Sims told the story about Brown dancing, though, it was clear there was more to their experiences with the coach than just going through the motions of losing basketball. Other players were quick to offer their enthusiastic responses, whether they had been on the Sixers for multiple years or 10-day contracts. 

The best and worst eclipse tweets from sports teams

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There’s an eclipse today. Maybe you heard. I know it’s tough to find out information about the moon crossing over the sun, but it’s out there. Sports teams around the country are trying to have eclipse-related fun. Now we must rank their efforts. KC Wolf’s “Totality Cool” I don’t get it. I don’t care that I don’t get it. The Chiefs’ mascot has made something wonderful. 76ers’ “Embiid blocks out the sun.” Just a solid effort from one of the best social media teams out there. Columbia Fireflies’ “Tattoo re-creation” This is the only time tattoos of the sun and moon become useful education aids. Wizards’ “John Wall is holding the sun.” This is not great. That said, it’s better than ... Thunder promote

76ers take 1 big step (and a couple smaller ones, too)

Source | 4 days ago.’s Dan Feldman is grading every team’s offseason based on where the team stands now relative to its position entering the offseason. The 76ers made their own luck. Philadelphia finished with the league’s fourth-worst record, fell to No. 5 in the lottery, swapped picks with the Kings to move up to No. 3 thanks to a two-year-old trade then traded up to No. 1 by enticing the Celtics with a future draft pick (another pick acquired in that heist of Sacramento, a Lakers pick or one of the 76ers’ own).

Lincoln Financial Field's chicken sandwich voted 'Craziest Stadium Food'

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Every Philly team has something unique and special about attending one of their games. And all fans have their own opinions so ranking them objectively is sure to prove challenging with results that will be disagreed with by many. But J.D. Power attempted to rank the "fan experience" of Philadelphia's major sports teams using a set of objective criteria (see full study here). Here's how they described the process: Fan satisfaction is evaluated across seven factors (in order of importance): seating area and game experience; security and ushers; leaving the game; arriving at the game; food and beverage; ticket purchase; and souvenirs and merchandise. Satisfaction is measured on a 1,000-point scale.

Sixers Mailbag: Joel Embiid back-to-backs and toughest opponents

Source | 6 days ago.

The release of the NBA schedule is a highly-anticipated announcement every summer. Now we know what the next 82 matchups will look like for the Sixers, and there is so much to discuss regarding their opponents, road vs. home contests and frequency of games. One of the most popular questions I received was about individual tickets for home games. Those will go on sale in September. Ticket information for the Jan. 18 game in London is available here. Thanks to those who submitted questions with #CSNSixersMailbag. When the schedule was released, I first looked to see the home opener. Then I counted the number of back-to-backs, of which there are 14. The number of consecutive games is significant

The Best Way to Play Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) Stock Now

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Thanks to higher oil and gas prices, Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) made money in Q2 2017, its second consecutive quarter in the black, putting an artificial floor under CHK stock. When I last wrote about Chesapeake back in April, I said CHK stock was still a huge risk at $6. While its earnings situation is looking far better — Chesapeake Energy generated three times as much revenue in the second quarter year-over-year from less production — it still has a tremendous amount of debt.

The Sixers Are Finally Seen as a Team of Consequence

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It’s telling that the Philadelphia 76ers—whose 28 wins last season represented a four-year high—pop up so frequently on the NBA’s calendar of marquee games for next seasons. On opening week, the Sixers will take to ESPN to play the Washington Wizards, a gauge of Philly’s playoff hopes. Come Christmas Day, Joel Embiid will go toe to toe with Kristaps Porzingis as the Sixers help launch one of the biggest events on the NBA schedule.

The Andrew Bynum Trade: The Big Bang of The Process turns 5

Source | 11 days ago.

The consequences were drastic, and in none of the ways we wanted: Bynum got injured and stayed injured, never playing a healthy game in Philadelphia, while Iguodala thrived in Denver and then Golden State, Vucevic stuffed stat sheets in Orlando, and Sixers coach Doug Collins gradually lost his mind as Bynum festered on (and/or nowhere near) the Sixers' bench.

Amid busy summer, Justin Anderson eager for 1st full season with Sixers

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Justin Anderson has been busy this summer. Anderson addressed the campers and stressed the importance of health, respecting parents and school. Anderson held a demonstration wherein campers stood on a basketball.

Celtics heading to London for regular-season game vs. Sixers

Source | 11 days ago.

BOSTON -- The Celtics are going international. The team and the NBA announced this morning that the C's and the Philadelphia 76ers will square off in the NBA London Game 2018 at The O2 on Thursday, Jan. 11. It will be the Sixers' home game, meaning Boston will not lose a TD Garden date. MORE CELTICS SI: Jayson Tatum 'most likely NBA rookie to succeed' Anthony Davis: Craziest question I heard was whether I was going to Boston From the Celtics' press release: This will mark the first time that the Celtics have played a regular season game in London, and the eighth time that the NBA has hosted a game in London during the regular season. Boston’s only other regular season contest outside the United

NBA-National Basketball Association roundup

Source | 11 days ago.

The highly anticipated debuts of Chris Paul with the Houston Rockets and Gordon Hayward with the Boston Celtics will highlight the opening night of the NBA season, the league announced Thursday. Paul and the Rockets will visit the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday Oct. 17 as the second part of a doubleheader on TNT. In the opener, Hayward and the Celtics will visit the Cleveland Cavaliers in a rematch of last season's Eastern Conference finals.

Sixers, Celtics to play regular-season game in London

Source | 12 days ago.

The Phialdelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics are headed to London. Philadelphia will face Boston in a regular-season game at the O2 Arena on January 11, the NBA announced on Thursday. The matchup will allow UK fans to get an up-close look at one of the NBA's most exciting young teams in the Sixers — featuring Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz — and a Boston squad led by Isaiah Thomas that finished the 2016-17 regular season with the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Report: Knicks to host 76ers on Christmas

Source | 12 days ago.

The NBA is so eager to showcase New York on Christmas, in 2015 – the rare year the Knicks were left off the Christmas schedule – the league reportedly regretted omitting them after they exceeded expectations. They were 14-16. New York’s market allows

The Sixers helped 'Raise the Cat' all the way to Catmissioner of Sports 2017

Source | 13 days ago.

Tuesday August 8 was “International Cat Day” and SB Nation decided it was time to give an inaugural award to a sports-focused cat ready to take on a leadership role in the community. We received dozens of good entries. There were cats wearing jerseys, cats watching TV, cats curled up with balls and a dead deer at the bottom of a pool because that kind of thing happens when you ask for something on the internet. After much deliberation we narrowed down the field to four very good sports cats. Ndamukat Suh: An angry looking cat wearing a Nebraska Huskers helmet who would definitely kill you if it could. Fetch Cat: A cat that loves to play fetch, which makes it the most sporting of the group but

Jahlil Okafor on being a Sixer: “I couldn’t be happier”

Source | 13 days ago.

Robert Covington, Dario Saric — and over time future picks and veterans will round out a dangerous squad. “I have, I hear trade rumors and stuff like that, realizing that having a new scenario, think it might be better than what it is now.

Young camp goer attempts to help Jahlil Okafor with his jump shot

Source | 14 days ago.

Philadelphia 76ers big man Jahlil Okafor took some time out from his day to go help out and teach some kids at the Sixers third annual Camden Youth Basketball Clinic over in New Jersey. Only he found one youngster who felt the need to help the Sixer with his jump shot. The young camp goer turned into a critic and wanted to help the NBA player out. "He's making fun of my jump shot," Okafor tells the CSNPhilly camera guy in the above video. "His jump shot is messed up," the kid says while demonstrating his shooting motion. He goes on to point out his wrist action is wrong, as is his guide-arm angle. The youngster wouldn't be the first to criticize some aspects of Okafor's game but his coach came

Everything We've Seen From the NBA's New Nike Uniforms (So Far)

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Ever since it was announced that Nike would be taking over for adidas as the NBA's official provider of jerseys and apparel, fans have been itching to see what their team's new uniforms would look like. While the degree of difference from last year's adidas jerseys in terms of design will vary from team to team, Nike has announced two main changes to the jerseys that will be universal. First, the jerseys will each features Nike's signature "Swoosh" logo (except for the Charlotte Hornets, who are owned by Michael Jordan and will feature his Nike-affiliated "Jumpman" logo). The addition of the logo will add a new element to each jersey as adidas did not feature their logo on the previous uniforms.

Sixers Mailbag: A suddenly crowded backcourt and what's Jahlil Okafor's future?

Source | 16 days ago.

Its August so you know what that means: less than two months until the start of NBA training camp. In the past (as recent as last season), the Sixers had players on the roster who were waived and then, just as quickly, were out of the NBA. Lets take a look at the two players Nick asked about here (@MWright1313 inquired about Bayless as well).

A beautiful thing: Amid more boos, Chase Utley ties Willie Mays in dominance of Mets

Source | 16 days ago.

Since the award's conception in 1967, four Phillies hurlers have won the NL Cy Young: Two of them are incredibly obvious and two of them are absurdly not. Any fan who's ever stepped foot inside the Citizens Bank Park gift shop could probably guess Steve Carlton (72, 77, 80, 82) and Roy Halladay (2010), arguably the two best Phillies pitchers of the last 50 years, as the first two. But the next two are not Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Curt Schilling, Jim Bunning, Rick Wise or even Brad Lidge. They are, instead: John Denny in '83, and Steve "Bedrock" Bedrosian in 1987.  Denny's presence on this esteemed list is surprising but explicable. In his first season with the Phillies after coming over from the

Sixers Mailbag: Joel Embiid's big landings; T.J. McConnell still a starter?

Source | 16 days ago.

Sounds like you were one of the many who gasped whenever Joel Embiid flew out of bounds. The Sixers are tasked with the tough job of getting Embiid to find the balance between giving 100 percent on each play and having enough restraint to avoid hurdling six rows into the stands. One interview with Embiid that struck me last season was when he said in November, I dont really have my legs yet, in regard to finishing around the rim. That showed he still was a work in progress during his rookie year, learning how to maneuver a massive 7-foot, 250-pound frame with its capabilities and areas for improvement.

J.J. Redick says Rockets changed contract offer from four years to three

Source | 17 days ago.

The Houston Rockets could’ve had one of the NBA’s best 3-point shooters, but a late change in J.J. Redick‘s contract offer pushed the Los Angeles Clippers guard to the Philadelphia 76ers instead. In a recent interview, Redick clarified earlier comments he made about Houston’s contract offer. Speaking with HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy, Redick says Houston’s original offer came in at four years.

JJ Redick says Sixers in position to grow into 'one of the elite teams in the NBA'

Source | 17 days ago.

Philadelphia 76ers fans are quickly learning what hardcore NBA fans have known for years: JJ Redick is great on podcasts. The Sixers' splashy free agent signing joined the HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy on Friday to talk about his adventurous offseason, joining the Philly franchise, and becoming a key piece of the Process. "The opportunity to be a part of something that’s been built from the ground up and to be joining it at a pretty opportune time, for a team on the rise especially in the East, there’s an opportunity for us to make a jump," Redick said. "As these guys get older and get more experience, I think there’s an opportunity to make a leap and really be one of the elite teams not only the East but in the NBA.

J.J. Redick says a surprise drill with Joel Embiid and Brett Brown at 1 a.m. convinced him to sign with the 76ers

Source | 18 days ago.

The moment J.J. Redick knew he wanted to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers came at 1 a.m. on the first day of free agency. After five years with the Los Angeles Clippers, Redick knew he'd be looking for a new team in a new city, but wasn't sure exactly where. The 76ers, with a roster stacked with young talent, were high on the list, but it was a moment involving Joel Embiid that cemented the decision.

Melo Trimble signs with Minnesota Timberwolves

Source | 19 days ago.

After spending the NBA Summer League with the Philadelphia 76ers, former Maryland point guard Melo Trimble will continue his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Trimble’s deal, first reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, is partially guaranteed, so he figures to get a training camp tryout with the Wolves. Trimble had a hard time getting off the bench for the Sixers summer squad, but in his three games in Vegas he averaged 10.3 points on 60 percent shooting. Trimble was initially signed by Philadelphia right after going undrafted, but the team brought in a cavalcade of young guards to compete and he ultimately didn’t make the cut. Now he’ll join a Timberwolves backcourt that added point guard