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# Player AVG Pick Volatility AVG Round Change Over Time
1Aaron Rodgers gb QB 24.68   2.73 Show Graph
2Tom Brady ne QB 25.32   2.80 Show Graph
3Drew Brees no QB 35.15   3.66 Show Graph
4Matt Ryan atl QB 50.79   5.09 Show Graph
5Russell Wilson sea QB 53.07   5.31 Show Graph
6Marcus Mariota ten QB 68.09   6.66 Show Graph
7Cam Newton car QB 75.38   7.34 Show Graph
8Kirk Cousins was QB 79.24   7.68 Show Graph
9Jameis Winston tb QB 80.46   7.77 Show Graph
10Ben Roethlisberger pit QB 87.59   8.45 Show Graph
11Derek Carr oak QB 98.54   9.44 Show Graph
12Dak Prescott dal QB 98.65   9.47 Show Graph
13Andrew Luck ind QB 100.61   9.59 Show Graph
14Philip Rivers lac QB 103.60   9.91 Show Graph
15Matthew Stafford det QB 111.22   10.56 Show Graph
16Andy Dalton cin QB 123.17   11.59 Show Graph
17Eli Manning nyg QB 127.62   11.91 Show Graph
18Carson Wentz phi QB 134.30   12.31 Show Graph
19Carson Palmer ari QB 136.90   12.56 Show Graph
20Tyrod Taylor buf QB 140.05   12.71 Show Graph
21Blake Bortles jac QB 148.78   13.19 Show Graph
22Jay Cutler mia QB 151.37   13.23 Show Graph
23Alex Smith kc QB 151.95   13.14 Show Graph
24Joe Flacco bal QB 152.54   13.21 Show Graph
25Sam Bradford min QB 154.17   13.21 Show Graph
26Deshaun Watson hou QB 154.87   13.67 Show Graph
27Brian Hoyer ne QB 159.88   13.60 Show Graph