FantasySP / NFL / Marcus Mariota FantasySP / NFL / Marcus Mariota Copyright 2018 5144053 <![CDATA[Entering Year 4, it's up to Marcus Mariota to reach tantalizing potential]]> Marcus Mariota can be elite and lead them to a Super Bowl. But in his fourth year, it's up to the QB to prove them right.]]> 5144053 Tue, 20 Feb 2018 8:12:01 EDT espnnflblog <![CDATA[Titans | Marcus Mariota in exclusive company]]> Marcus Mariota became the fifth quarterback in NFL history with at least 9,000 passing yards (9,476) and 900 rushing yards (913) in his first three seasons after his performance during the 2017 campaign.]]> 5141801 Fri, 16 Feb 2018 3:12:01 EDT footballguys <![CDATA[Pat O’Hara can’t wait to start working with Marcus Mariota]]> Deshaun Watson last season in Houston. He gets to groom Marcus Mariota this season. Since being named the Titans quarterbacks coach, O’Hara has spent all his time studying his new pupil. “It is obvious he is an explosive player with the ball in his hands,” O’Hara said, via Jim Wyatt of [more]]]> 5140235 Tue, 13 Feb 2018 22:15:01 EDT <![CDATA[Titans | Tennessee to be more aggressive?]]> Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee offense will be more aggressive in 2018 if new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur has his way. LaFleur wants his talented young quarterback to be more comfortable but more aggressive in the Titans' offensive scheme. 'Our communication is going to absolutely critical to all of our success here,' LaFleur said. LaFleur wants Mariota to voice his opinion more as Mariota heads into his fourth NFL campaign.]]> 5136911 Thu, 08 Feb 2018 14:00:24 EDT footballguys <![CDATA[New OC Matt LaFleur wants the Titans' offense to be more aggressive]]> Marcus Mariota attempted just 53 passes which traveled more than 20 yards in the air last season. [...]]]> 5136824 Thu, 08 Feb 2018 12:58:40 EDT <![CDATA[Comfort, aggression at center of Matt LaFleur's plan for Marcus Mariota]]> Marcus Mariota to take the next step, and new coordinator Matt LaFleur aims for the QB to have a voice in how the offense runs.]]> 5136665 Thu, 08 Feb 2018 8:12:06 EDT espnnflblog