FantasySP / NFL / Kendall Wright FantasySP / NFL / Kendall Wright Copyright 2018 5220910 <![CDATA[Spielman: "No truth" to report Kendall Wright crashed Terrance Williams' car]]> Kendall Wright’s name surfaced early this afternoon in connection to last Saturday’s arrest of Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams for public intoxication.Williams, who’d been arrested after police saw him struggling to stabilize himself on an electric bike, told police that Wright had crashed his Lamborghini, according to video released by police in Frisco, Texas. The tale invited suspicion, though, after Williams told police he’d gotten a call from Wright informing him of the car crash, only to then admit that his cell phone was still in his car.When Williams made his first public comments about the crash, he made no mention of Wright. On Thursday afternoon, both Vikings general manager Rick Spielman and Williams’ attorney Chip Lewis refuted the story.“I have spoken directly with Kendall and his agent and both have assured me there is no truth to the matter,” Spielman said in a statement issued by the Vikings.Lewis told the Dallas Morning News that Williams was alone in the Lamborghini when he crashed the car. Williams and Wright were together earlier in the evening, but had separated before Williams’ arrest, Lewis said.Police found Williams’ Lamborghini abandoned after it struck a light pole near the Cowboys’ practice facility last Saturday morning. Lewis initially said Williams had not hit a light pole, but told the Dallas Morning News on Thursday that he was going off Williams’ recollection of the incident, which might have been affected by head trauma caused by the 60 mph crash.]]> 5220910 Thu, 24 May 2018 19:42:01 EDT Minneapolis Star-Tribune <![CDATA[Terrance Williams’ attorney: Kendall Wright not involved in wreck]]> Terrance Williams threw Kendall Wright under his $325,000 Lamborghini early Saturday morning — figuratively — by telling police the Vikings receiver wrecked his car. But Williams was lying, according to his own attorney. Chip Lewis, Williams’ attorney, said the Cowboys receiver was in the car alone when it crashed, Brandon George of the Dallas Morning [more]]]> 5220760 Thu, 24 May 2018 15:57:01 EDT <![CDATA[Terrance Williams told police Kendall Wright crashed his car]]> Terrance Williams‘ Lamborghini was found crashed by the side of the road, police quickly found him and arrested him for public intoxication. But Williams was not arrested for the crash itself — which he blamed on Vikings receiver Kendall Wright. Video of the arrest shows that when police questioned Williams about how [more]]]> 5220690 Thu, 24 May 2018 14:09:01 EDT