FantasySP / NFL / Eli Manning FantasySP / NFL / Eli Manning Copyright 2019 5431676 <![CDATA[Giants' Eli Manning to get a statue at Ole Miss?]]> Eli Manning, who was a standout for the Rebels from 2000-2003.

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker recently told TMZ Sports the former-Ole Miss quarterback needs a campus statue to go alongside his father Archie’s. The elder Manning excelled as the Rebels’ signal-caller in the late 60s and was the second overall selection by the New Orleans Saints in the 1971 NFL Draft.

Wicker says Eli — who’s a legend with BOTH the Rebels and the NY Giants — “absolutely” should have his own statue at the school]]> 5431676 Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:33:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Shaun O'Hara: Giants should pass on quarterback in 2019 NFL Draft]]>
With franchise quarterback Eli Manning well past his prime and entering the final year of his contract, the popular choice is that the Giants will attempt to grab his successor with their first-round pick.

Some might view it as a necessity, but former Giants center and Super Bowl champion Shaun O’Hara doesn’t believe selecting a quarterback should be their only option]]> 5431234 Fri, 15 Feb 2019 14:27:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Will Eli Manning return for his 16th season with the Giants?]]> Eli Manning, who is entering the final season of his contract.]]> 5431024 Fri, 15 Feb 2019 8:33:01 EDT <![CDATA[Giants | Nick Foles interested in Giants?]]> Nick Foles (Eagles) is expected to 'keep tabs on' the New York Giants this offseason, according to's Zack Rosenblatt. A source with knowledge of Foles' thinking said the former Super Bowl MVP would 'probably' be interested in starting for the Giants if they were to release QB Eli Manning.]]> 5430899 Thu, 14 Feb 2019 20:06:01 EDT footballguys <![CDATA[Nick Foles may have some interest in joining Giants]]> Eli Manning in 2019, but that does not mean their search to find his eventual heir has been tabled.

General manager Dave Gettleman & Co. will continue to evaluate all available options this offseason, including potential free agents like Nick Foles (Philadelphia Eagles).

While the situation with Foles is a fluid one, the overriding belief is that he will either be traded or eventually hit the open market where a race for his services would undoubtedly unfold]]> 5430667 Thu, 14 Feb 2019 9:03:02 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Kyler Murray has real power, if he chooses to use it]]> Eli Manning. “Murray can become one of the few to tell [more]]]> 5430640 Thu, 14 Feb 2019 6:54:01 EDT <![CDATA[Talk of Giants trading Odell Beckham simply won't fade away]]> Odell Beckham Jr.’s future with the New York Giants has been called into question relentlessly over the previous two years, and he’s only fanned those flames by suggesting he’d prefer playing in warmer weather and, at one point, failing to defend his quarterback, Eli Manning.

Despite that, the Giants signed Beckham to a five-year, $90 million extension with $65 million last year, seemingly putting to rest the unnecessary trade speculation.

No sooner did the Giants end their 5-11 campaign in 2018 than the Beckham trade speculation picked up once again. However, this time around, Gettleman was quick to shut it all down]]> 5430321 Wed, 13 Feb 2019 14:09:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[NFL | Kyler Murray holds the all the cards]]> Eli Manning did in forcing his way to the Giants. If he desires, he can tell a team ready to draft him that he'll play baseball instead.]]> 5429529 Tue, 12 Feb 2019 8:45:01 EDT footballguys <![CDATA[Kyler Murray appears to be 'a little too small' for the Giants]]>
So what does that mean for the New York Giants, who are in the market for a quarterback and have the No. 6 overall pick in the draft?

Well, in reality, it doesn’t mean all that much.

Both general manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur, while acknowledging the need to find an Eli Manning heir, have made it abundantly clear that they desire taller quarterbacks than the 5-foot-11 Murray]]> 5429187 Mon, 11 Feb 2019 16:48:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Giants select QB Drew Lock in latest PFF mock draft]]>
Instead of Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins or Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, PFF’s Mike Renner has the Giants going with Missouri quarterback Drew Lock at No. 6 overall.

“Even if you have Eli Manning, I think the Giants. . . this is the year they’re going to address it even if he returns,” Renner said. “If Eli does return, there’s no telling where you’re going to draft next season. If he has a solid year next year, you’re probably more realistically drafting in the teens and then it’s going to be nearly impossible to get your guy at the quarterback position]]> 5428902 Mon, 11 Feb 2019 9:06:02 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Would Giants trade up in 2019 NFL Draft for Dwayne Haskins?]]> Eli Manning; one who can eventually take over the throne in the Big Apple and not act as a mere bridge to the next guy.

Many scouts, experts and analysts believe that man should be Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who has just a single year as a college starter under his belt.

Haskins certainly played well enough in 2018 to get people talking, but there are also some concerning weaknesses to his game. What that ultimately means for his stock in the 2019 NFL Draft remains to be seen, but perhaps those are issues he can hash out in time for the NFL Combine]]> 5428372 Sun, 10 Feb 2019 9:18:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[QB trainer David Morris on Eli Manning: He can still play at the highest level]]> Eli Manning at Ole Miss.

Needless to say, Morris’ opinion and analysis carries weight. So at a time when Manning’s skills have become the center of much debate and speculation, what does he see when he turns on Eli’s film?

The short answer: not what the armchair general managers do]]> 5427762 Sat, 09 Feb 2019 9:30:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Giants take familiar quarterback in latest Sporting News mock draft]]>
In keeping with that trend Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News released his first mock draft of the year on Friday, and like so many others, he has the Giants going with a very familiar and oft-projected name.

Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Haskins made a great decision to come out early, because he should be the first QB off the board and could be positioned to succeed Eli Manning in New York. Haskins cemented his stock late in the Buckeyes’ season, when he had some jaw-dropping games with his big arm and downfield accuracy. He has ideal size as a strong pocket passer (6-3, 220 pounds) with the right dose of athleticism. That checks the right boxes for Dave Gettleman]]> 5427270 Fri, 08 Feb 2019 13:12:01 EDT Giants Wire
<![CDATA[Nick Foles to the Giants could become a real concern for the Eagles]]> Nick Foles knows the Philadelphia Eagles deepest and most successful secrets so it’s no surprise that team officials want no parts of the former Super Bowl MVP transitioning to a new home up the New Jersey Turnpike. Hours after it was revealed that Foles voided a $20 million option for 2019 by sending a $2 million cashiers check to the Eagles, The Birds are considering using the franchise tag on the quarterback, to have some control of his final destination.

That paranoia stems from the belief and rumors that Foles and the Giants could be a match according to a report from NFL reporter Jason Cole. The Eagles aren’t in the position to pay Foles the $25 million that the franchise tag would require but may attempt the move to have some say in where Foles lands, especially if the Giants part ways with Eli Manning at any juncture. The report comes on the heels of ESPN’s Chris Mortensen sharing similar sentiments about the Eagles want to keep Foles out of the NFC East. ]]> 5425898 Wed, 06 Feb 2019 17:03:01 EDT Eagles Wire
<![CDATA[Giants select Jonah Williams, Daniel Jones in latest Draft Wire mock]]> Eli Manning in the 2019 NFL Draft?

Some believe it’s entirely possible, while others aren’t quite as confident about that potential. The problem, of course, is a limited number of options at each position.

However, our friends over at Draft Wire seem to have found a solution — a scenario in which the Giants solve both of those issues in the first round.

How would they do it? By trading, of course. But prior to that, they use the No. 6 overall pick to snag the best offensive lineman in the draft]]> 5425526 Wed, 06 Feb 2019 8:00:02 EDT Giants Wire