FantasySP / NFL / Allen Robinson FantasySP / NFL / Allen Robinson Copyright 2019 5409978 <![CDATA[The NFL successfully sells parity. So will it be harder for the Bears to stay on top than it was to go from worst to first?]]> Going from worst to first is just the first step for the Bears, who now face the more difficult challenge of remaining on top.

Yes, going from worst to first may be easier than going from first to first.

That’s what veteran wide receiver Allen Robinson says, and he watched from a distance this...

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<![CDATA[Is Mitch Trubisky a future star or an inconsistent headache? After two seasons, the jury is still out]]> The penultimate completion of Mitch Trubisky’s second season was an absolute dart. Corner route. Between two defenders. Just as he was being hit. Fired into Allen Robinson’s mitts with conviction. Twenty-five-yard gain.

This was the throw that pushed the Bears into field-goal range in the closing...

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