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Well. What can I say? Here we are. Another trade deadline where Grizz fans feel like they've been run amok and led astray. The solution seemed so simple, right? Trade Marc. Trade Mike. Get “quality” young players back. Get a 1st rounder back. Or two. Maybe two is a long shot. So what. Shoot for it, See what you can get.

We got Avery Bradley. Oh, and Tyler Dorsey. Don’t forget about Jonas Valaciunas! To top it off, we got ourselves a valuable 2024 second round pick. Whew. All that for arguable the franchises best players of all time. Alright. I’m not here to argue about whether the trades were good or not, and yes, the Spurs game was promising. But if you’re wondering, no, I didn’t like the trades. At all. Instead, I’m here to ask, how did we get here? How did we get such a weak package back for Marc Gasol? How did Memphis find itself in this hole?]]> 5430057 Wed, 13 Feb 2019 8:54:02 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[Avery Bradley scores 33 but Grizzlies still lose to the Spurs, 108-107]]> Jonas Valanciunas available for the first time where he came off the bench for the Grizzlies. There will still be some time for this team to be able to gel on the court during games, it will take some time, but the schedule waits for no one. Mike Conley was a late scratch due to illness and Delon Wright got the start in his absence.

The Grizzlies started the game off with a struggle, especially for the young rookies. Ivan Rabb was tasked with guarding LaMarcus Aldridge which proved to be very difficult. The Grizzlies tried to bring Justin Holiday on a double team which left them open to very easy baskets by the Spurs. After Rabb picked up two fouls in the first few minutes, Jonas Valanciunas checked in for the first time as a Grizzly. This allowed them to not have to double on Aldridge and play everyone man to man, which led to better defense and an early 4 point lead. The Grizzlies played hard on both ends of the floor, Jonas Valanciunas had 5 points and 5 rebounds in the first 6 minutes of his Grizzlies career. They were able to increase their lead to 8 points. Avery Bradley decided to show up for the Grizzlies in the first quarter and torched the Spurs for 16 points on 7-7 shooting while playing the entire first quarter, helping the Grizzlies out to a 13 point lead after one.]]> 5429991 Wed, 13 Feb 2019 2:24:01 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[Avery Bradley went off for a career-high 33 points in a 108-107]]> Avery Bradley went off for a career-high 33 points in a 108-107 loss to the Spurs on Tuesday, adding six rebounds, six assists, one steal and three triples.

Talk about coming out of nowhere. Bradley was ranked outside the top-300 for category leagues before this outburst, but credit to him for stepping up with Mike Conley battling an illness. Coach J.B. Bickerstaff is apparently one of the last people remaining on Avery Bradley Island, calling him "an NBA starter for sure" and "one of best perimeter defenders in our game." Strong game aside, we're not ready to call him a standard-league pickup and it's not like he'll ever shoot 15-of-21 from the field again in his life.

]]> 5429944 Wed, 13 Feb 2019 1:54:22 EDT rotoworld
<![CDATA[J.B. Bickerstaff indicated on Monday that he'll continue to]]> Avery Bradley at shooting guard "That's who he is. [...]]]> 5429152 Mon, 11 Feb 2019 15:48:18 EDT <![CDATA[Jonas Valanciunas and What He Brings to the Memphis Grizzlies]]> Jonas Valanciunas.

On Thursday’s deadline, the Memphis Grizzlies sent waves through the city. They flipped Shelvin Mack, the fanbase’s scapegoat for the Grizzlies’ struggles. They also turned JaMychal Green and Avery Bradley.

More importantly, the Grizzlies traded away a franchise icon — something that we all saw something, but still couldn’t prepare for. Marc Gasol has been moved to the Toronto Raptors — where his workload will be less, and his title chances will grow]]> 5428925 Mon, 11 Feb 2019 9:54:01 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[New look Grizzlies hold off Pelicans in first home game of post Gasol era]]>
In their first home game of the post Marc Gasol era, the Memphis Grizzlies (23-34) staved off the New Orleans Pelicans (25-32) 99-90 Saturday night at FedEx Forum.

The action started slowly for Memphis, as a new look Grizzlies starting lineup featuring Justin Holiday, Jaren Jackson Jr., Ivan Rabb, Avery Bradley and Mike Conley had trouble coalescing on the offensive and defensive end, allowing multiple rim runs and drives while leaving Pelicans shooters open from the outside. The group started 1-6 from the field and turned the ball over multiple times on failed screen and rolls and dribble handoffs, resulting in a 10-2 New Orleans lead early in the first quarter.]]> 5428401 Sun, 10 Feb 2019 10:42:01 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[Report Card: Grizz begin new era No(ah) problem]]>
For the first time since the Grizzlies have come to Memphis, the team took the floor without a Gasol being on the roster. Sure Pau and Marc missed games as Grizzlies, but this is the first game in the franchise’s Memphis history that a Gasol was not on the roster. The Grizzlies are now 1-0 without the Gasols in Memphis (bittersweet).

JB Bickerstaff now has new toys to play with in Avery Bradley, Delon Wright, CJ Miles, and Jonas Valanciunas (didn't play because of immigration papers). So how would the Grizzlies play without Gasol and with new players only having a shoot around under their belt]]> 5428400 Sun, 10 Feb 2019 10:42:01 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[Avery Bradley played 25 minutes in the starting lineup against]]> Avery Bradley played 25 minutes in the starting lineup against the Pelicans on Saturday, scoring eight points with one rebound, two assists, one steal and two 3-pointers. [...]]]> 5428251 Sat, 09 Feb 2019 23:24:19 EDT <![CDATA[Avery Bradley will start against the Pelicans in his Grizzlies]]> Avery Bradley will start against the Pelicans in his Grizzlies debut on Saturday. He is joined by Mike Conley, Justin Holiday, Jaren Jackson Jr.and Ivan Rabb in the starting unit. [...]]]> 5428112 Sat, 09 Feb 2019 19:54:16 EDT <![CDATA[Avery Bradley and Tyler Dorsey are available to play against]]> Avery Bradley and Tyler Dorsey are available to play against the Pelicans on Saturday. Bradley has a shot to be in the rotation and he might even get a start. [...]]]> 5428078 Sat, 09 Feb 2019 18:42:08 EDT <![CDATA[Trade Deadline Report Card: Temple and Green go to La-La Land.]]> Avery Bradley

LOS ANGELES RECEIVES: JaMychal Green, Garrett Temple...and nothing else.

The reason this trades makes absolutely no sense at all is that it does not help your team in any type of rebuild. JaMychal Green And Garrett Temple were two expiring contracts that you could get some kind of value for to help with the future. Take on assets and young players, and go from there. Instead, the Grizzlies helped out one of their biggest rivals clear cap space off the books helping them have more availability to sign two max free agents. And what do they get in return for future assets? Nothing. Nothing at all. Avery Bradley used to be a great perimeter defender. In Boston, he was held in the highest regard guarding the other team’s best player. Instead, this year he has fallen off a cliff and is having his worst year of his career. Memphis traded two valuable assets to a team trying to clear cap room and look to the future. Grizzlies helped them do that for nothing of value in return.]]> 5427127 Fri, 08 Feb 2019 9:06:01 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[Trade Deadline Thread]]>
The Memphis Grizzlies have traded JaMychal Green and Garrett Temple to the Los Angeles Clippers for Avery Bradley. There are no picks that being involved in this deal right now.

Avery Bradley is playing almost 30 minutes per game for the Clippers this year and averaging 8 points and 2.7 rebounds this year.]]> 5426511 Thu, 07 Feb 2019 14:42:02 EDT Grizzly Bear Blues
<![CDATA[According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers are trading G]]> Avery Bradley to the Grizzlies in exchange for Garrett Temple and JaMychal Green. This is a move to clear out more cap space for L. [...]]]> 5426473 Thu, 07 Feb 2019 14:06:07 EDT <![CDATA[Traded to Grizzlies]]> Bradley was traded to the Grizzlies on Thursday in exchange for JaMychal Green and Garrett Temple, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports.

It seems the Grizzlies made this deal in order to facilitate a bigger one, sending out Marc Gasol and receiving Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, C.J. Miles and a 2024 second-round pick from the Raptors. Bradley has been seeing nearly 30 minutes per night this season, but it would be surprising if that kept up. Regardless, he hasn't been fantasy relevant, and that's not expected to change.

]]> 5426472 Thu, 07 Feb 2019 14:06:06 EDT RotoWire