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<![CDATA[Ben Simmons / Bryan Colangelo said he doesn't anticipate Ben Simmons (foot)]]> [...]

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<![CDATA[Joel Embiid / Joel Embiid (knee) has yet to go through any 5-on-5 work and]]> [...]

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<![CDATA[Marcus Morris / NBA&apos;s Morris twins trial: Defense suggests victim wanted money]]>
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<![CDATA[Carmelo Anthony / Carmelo Anthony's camp is reportedly "cautiously optimistic"]]> [...]

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<![CDATA[Kevin Durant / Russell Westbrook &apos;likes&apos; those Thunder cats Kevin Durant dubbed &apos;not that good&apos;]]>
“He didn’t like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan,” Durant wrote in the third person. “His roster wasn’t that good, it was just him and Russ. … Imagine taking Russ off that team, see how bad they were. KD can’t win a championship with those cats.”

Naturally, his ex-teammates didn’t take too kindly to being called “not that good” and, in fact, “bad.” Enes Kanter, who averaged 13 points and eight rebounds off the bench for the Durant-led Thunder team that took a 3-1 lead over the Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference finals, was the most vocal

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<![CDATA[Andre Iguodala / How to free agent: Iguodala played Rockets, market like a fiddle this offseason]]>
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<![CDATA[Kevin Durant / Trapped by social media monster, KD taught a harsh lesson]]>
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<![CDATA[Lance Stephenson / Nate McMillan intends to use Lance Stephenson as a sixth man]]> [...]

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<![CDATA[Kyrie Irving / Boston Celtics on NBA 2K18: Jayson Tatum vs. Lonzo Ball, Kyrie Irving's fit and 10 things we learned]]>
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<![CDATA[Avery Bradley / Avery Bradley is more than just a defender for the Pistons]]>
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<![CDATA[LeBron James / Kevin Durant hit &apos;rock bottom&apos; with doubt after spurning Thunder for Warriors]]>
We learned in Durant’s own words from an interview with Modern Luxury Media on Tuesday just how deeply the eight-time All-Star was bothered last year by social media critics who believe leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 73-win Golden State Warriors was the easier road to a championship.

In the interview, Durant and his consigliere Rich Kleiman described a conversation they shared during a 2016 Nike tour of China just after his free-agent decision. Here is that exchange, via Modern Luxury

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<![CDATA[Michael Beasley / Michael Beasley said that he's more willing to share the rock]]> [...]

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<![CDATA[Reggie Jackson / Reggie Jackson (left) said he feels like he's getting his explosion]]> [...]

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<![CDATA[Enes Kanter / Russell Westbrook Used Instagram To Support Enes Kanter’s Statement Against Kevin Durant]]>
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