FantasySP / MLB / Aaron Hicks FantasySP / MLB / Aaron Hicks Copyright 2019 5432201 <![CDATA[Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Sunday that Aaron Hicks is]]> <p>Yankees manager <a href="">Aaron Boone</a> said Sunday that <a href="">Aaron Hicks</a> is the front runner to bat leadoff this season.</p><p>Boone actually said he might flirt with the idea of using <a href="">Aaron Judge</a> in the leadoff spot versus some lefties, although he admitted it was an unlikely scenario. With Hicks apparently in line for the leadoff spot against both lefties and righties, it would appear that longtime leadoff hitter <a href="">Brett Gardner</a> will probably bat ninth.</p>]]> 5432201 Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:14:29 EDT rotoworld <![CDATA[ADP Cost Analysis - Eddie Rosario vs. Aaron Hicks]]> After years of struggles at the plate early in their careers, <a href="">Eddie Rosario</a> and <a href="">Aaron Hicks</a> both figured something out in 2017, which they were able to transfer to 2018. Rosario hit .288/.323/.479 last year with 24 home runs, 77 RBI, eight steals, and 87 runs scored. Meanwhile, Hicks hit .248/.366/.467 with 27 home runs,... Read More]]> 5430026 Wed, 13 Feb 2019 6:28:01 EDT rotoballer