Tom Brady Should be Good to go Against the Jags

Brant Tedeschi Jan 20th 10:48 AM EST.

Tom Brady hurt his hand during practice earlier in the week and his official status is "questionable" as of today. He had to get four stitches to his knuckle after the injury.

Ian Rappoport reports that his injury was gushing blood and was throwing the ball well during Friday's practice.

We also learned that it was Rex Burkhead who was the teammate that did the damage to Tom's throwing hand.

Now that we can all put the injury behind us, it's time to concentrate on the game at hand against the Jaguars on Sunday. This will be a struggle for the Pats on offense. The Jags defense pressure the quarterback more than any other team.

If Tom is constantly running for his life during the game, then expect things to be a dog fight. The Patriots defense has got to do their best to match their play last week against the lonely Titans.

Will the Patriots be able to get back to the Super Bowl yet again, or will the upstart Jags with Blake Bortles at the helm actually beat Bill Belichick and the Patriots?

I personally think the Patriots will win, but it would not shock me in the least if they lose to one of the best defenses in the league. We see time and time again that a great defense can beat a great (or in this case, a really good?) offense come playoff time.


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