Drafting Shohei Ohtani as a hitter may be a bad idea

Brant Tedeschi Mar 11th 1:57 PM EDT.

A lot of hype is surrounding Shohei Ohtani as both a starting pitcher and a hitter. Early indications say he's going to be a productive pitcher but there are reports from numerous scouts that his hitting has big problems.

In just 14 plate appearances so far this spring, scouts are suggesting that he needs a full season at the minor league level in order to adjust to major league pitching. Of course, this would be impossible since he is also a starting pitcher.

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“He’s basically like a high school hitter because he’s never seen a good curveball,” the scout said. “He’s seen fastballs and changeups. And you’re asking a high school hitter to jump to the major leagues?”

Hopefully Ohtani can surprise us behind the plate and be the 2-way player many of us dreamed would arrive in the major leagues. However, right now the outlook is bleak and fantasy owners should concentrate on his arm rather than his production behind the plate.

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