Jeurys Familia Possible Surgery

Lesley Tedeschi May 11th 3:09 PM EDT.

The New York Mets are once again being tested in their pitching department. Closer Jeurys Familia was diagnosed with an arterial clot in his right shoulder and will travel to St.Louis to be further evaluated.

Familia has already missed time this season after starting off serving a 15 game suspension. He had violated the MLB's domestic violence policy that stemmed from an issue from the previous October with his wife. The Mets are struggling to keep their pitching staff healthy and this is another hit for them.

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Familia had a rough night on Wednesday and blew a save allowing the San Francisco Giants to come away with the win. Hopefully Familia will not have to have surgery to remove the clot and won't miss significant time on the field. There will be more information after he meets with the doctor.

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