Feature Overview

Fantasy Player Alerts

Fantasy Player Alerts keep you informed about breaking news. Supporting NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB fantasy leagues.

Player Alerts

Example of Player Alerts

Player Alerts analyze player news in real-time and can automatically detect a significant news trend about one of your players. News trends could range from a great game, a key injury, or even a suspension. Once we detect a news trend about one of your players we email you to let you know what's going on.

Let us keep track of your players, 24/7.

Waiver Alerts

Personalized Waiver Alerts

We constantly monitor the waiver wire and will send you personalized waiver alerts when we detect a big free agent trend. These waiver alerts are specifically geared towards your fantasy leagues. Included with the alerts are ratings and rankings for your teams, player stats, OWN/START trends, and much more.

Waiver Alerts provide a huge advantage when it comes to the waiver wire.

Player Trends

Overview of Player Trends

For Yearly Plus members, the top header of FantasySP gets replaced with real-time Player Trends for the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL. The bolder the name of the player, the more significant the Player Trend. Each Friday, everyone gets to experience Player Trends as we celebrate #AdFreeFriday.

Player Trends gives you a sport-by-sport overview at the top of every page.

Customize Frequency

Customize Frequency: [1]

We offer the option to specify how frequently you get email alerts sent to you. You can set your Waiver/Player Alerts to "Low", "Medium", or "High". If you want alerts more quickly and more often, then set it to "High". Conversely, if you want to only hear about the truly significant events pick "Low". You can do all of this right within the email itself or in your account settings.

Fantasy Alerts can be customized to your liking.