Feature Overview

Fantasy Assistant

Overview of the Fantasy Assistant: [1], [2]

The Fantasy Assistant is the swiss-army knife of fantasy tools, and it's completely free to try. It has in-depth stats and graphs for every player on your roster and rates them based on dozens of performance metrics. Our waiver wire suggestions give you a concise breakdown of up to 55 possible additions to your team. These particular examples showcase MLB, but we also support the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Waiver Wire Suggestions

Slideshow of Waiver Wire Suggestions: [1], [2], [3], [4]

LOW RISK waiver wire suggestions are proven guys who perform consistently better than your player. HIGH RISK suggestions look at a shorter timeframe and focus on the guys who are performing great in the short-term. We also offer specific category based suggestions that are ideal for rotisserie leagues.

Our waiver wire recommendation engine cuts down on research time and is a must-have tool.

Trade Research Center

Slideshow of Trade Research Center: [1], [2]

The Trade Research Center allows you to do team-by-team position based analysis to see the weak and strong points for every team in your league. View any position to see how it trends over time. We even generate our own Trade Suggestions based on the data we collect. (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB supported). Read our detailed breakdown of this feature in our blog post.

The Trade Research Center allows you to perform in depth research and develop trades with ease.

Player Ratings & Analysis

Slideshow of player ratings: [1]

Our industry leading player ratings take into account raw statistical numbers, fantasy league scoring systems, player expectations, and performance trends. We also compare your player's performance to other similarly positioned players. We simplify it all down into a number rating plus a detailed analysis on how we came to it.

Player ratings give an unbiased view on every player in the league.

Team Ratings

Slideshow of Team Ratings: [1], [2]

We analyze your synced fantasy teams daily to see where your team stacks up in your league. We compare each team's starting lineups vs full roster to see if your moves are paying off or if your days are numbered.

Track your team's rating throughout the season.

Player Importance

Player Importance

Sometimes your first-round draft pick performs like a 4th rounder. We analyze your team and come up with player importance evaluations for each player. When a trade offer comes your way you can easily see which players are expendable and what you might be able get for them.

Instantly know who on your team is invaluable and expendable.