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Published (Updated Apr 26th 2014 11:26 AM)

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Keeping track of fantasy baseball closer news can be tough. One day you are racking up the saves, while the next day you’re on the outside looking in after a sudden stint on the DL. Luckily I have the solutions to this closer problem.


One of the best sites I have come across is called Closer Monkey. They offer you free email alerts whenever a new closer takes over, plus daily digests so you are informed about the latest happenings. As if that isn’t enough, they have a Twitter account for real-time tweets. I personally subscribe to these guys myself and think they do an incredible job.

Another source for closer news comes from another Twitter account aptly called “Closer news“. These guys tend to give you more up to the minute stats and results from closing situations. For example, if you closer has pitched in three straight games, they’ll provide a heads up on Twitter that he may not be available today.

Then, of course, there is always reddit’s fantasybaseball subreddit for those who want to get involved in the latest news and be surrounded by fellow fantasy geeks. This has way more to offer than just closer news.

Finally the most obvious solution to keeping track of closer news is right here at FantasySP. Once you have a league synced, FantasySP will send you player alerts any time one of your player’s has significant news. Furthermore, if FantasySP detects a significant waiver trend in your league, the site will automatically send you a Waiver Alert so you can beast others to the waiver wire. This works incredibly well when it comes to keeping tabs on closers, but it also works for all players in all four major sports.

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