Fantasy Football Defense/Special Teams

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# Player AVG Pick Volatility AVG Round Change Over Time
1Broncos DST den DST 88.90   8.63 Show Graph
2Seahawks DST sea DST 96.05   9.17 Show Graph
3Texans DST hou DST 100.15   9.56 Show Graph
4Chiefs DST kc DST 100.46   9.57 Show Graph
5Patriots DST ne DST 113.61   10.72 Show Graph
6Vikings DST min DST 115.22   10.86 Show Graph
7Cardinals DST ari DST 116.19   10.95 Show Graph
8Panthers DST car DST 136.54   12.79 Show Graph
9Giants DST nyg DST 138.14   12.97 Show Graph
10Steelers DST pit DST 142.80   13.31 Show Graph
11Falcons DST atl DST 144.37   13.19 Show Graph
12Eagles DST phi DST 150.28   13.47 Show Graph
13Rams DST lar DST 153.06   14.20 Show Graph
14Ravens DST bal DST 154.24   14.07 Show Graph
15Packers DST gb DST 154.81   14.14 Show Graph
16Raiders DST oak DST 155.48   14.04 Show Graph
17Bills DST buf DST 159.25   14.50 Show Graph
18Jaguars DST jac DST 161.03   14.64 Show Graph
19Buccaneers DST tb DST 161.85   14.26 Show Graph
20Bengals DST cin DST 164.67   14.68 Show Graph