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# Player AVG Pick Volatility AVG Round Change Over Time
1Paul Goldschmidt ari 1B 7.92   1.06 Show Graph
2Anthony Rizzo chc 1B 12.60   1.52 Show Graph
3Miguel Cabrera det 1B 15.73   1.89 Show Graph
4Joey Votto cin 1B 22.73   2.43 Show Graph
5Freddie Freeman atl 1B 31.82   3.27 Show Graph
6Jose Abreu chw 1B 51.94   5.04 Show Graph
7Wil Myers sd 1B 60.14   5.81 Show Graph
8Chris Davis bal 1B 70.39   6.67 Show Graph
9Eric Hosmer kc 1B 97.52   9.12 Show Graph
10Ian Desmond col LF 108.51   10.10 Show Graph
11Adrian Gonzalez nym 1B 131.48   12.16 Show Graph
12Kendrys Morales tor DH 134.45   12.39 Show Graph
13Brandon Belt sf 1B 158.34   14.60 Show Graph
14A.J. Reed hou 1B 179.81   15.45 Show Graph
15Greg Bird nyy 1B 192.32   17.56 Show Graph
16Mike Napoli tex 1B 207.55   18.72 Show Graph
17Eric Thames mil 1B 217.95   19.49 Show Graph
18Danny Valencia sea 1B 239.33   21.11 Show Graph
19Chris Carter bos LF 242.84   21.09 Show Graph
20Josh Bell pit 1B 246.22   21.32 Show Graph
21Tommy Joseph phi 1B 250.14   21.47 Show Graph
22Yuli Gurriel hou 1B 254.69   21.95 Show Graph
23C.J. Cron ana 1B 261.76   22.49 Show Graph